1. Random page for recreative purpose

  2. Really long Skype call

  3. Sketch listening to Perturbator

  4. Finally I got this screenprinted by the always-in-my-heart andreasettimo! 4 colours, edition of 50 numbered and signed. It will debut on delebile’s table thursday 19th at Crack festival in Rome along with other awesome prints from Fabio Tonetto and Sarah Mazzetti!

    If you’re not lucky enough to be in Rome (Crack is great, really) PREORDER IT HERE at 12€ instead of 15€ until sunday 20th! Soon also on my Tictail

  5. Artwork  made for this track


  6. Some time ago I got to go sightseeing some really cool places in the Val d’Elsa area, in the outskirts of Siena. This is my musical impression of what I saw, messing around with some field recordings taken on site. Free download!

  7. Brainwash cat


    it has been pointed out to me that the gif doesn’t work. Seems that tumblr has some gif limits I wasn’t aware of. I posted some kind of fix but it sucks. Blorp

  8. Testing some PS brushes I got for my birthday 

    pspspspsss gotta pee now

  9. Someone should write a whole new language using only airport acronyms. 

    I think it would significantly increase the chance to activate secret alien portals during casual conversation.

  10. said the girl